Neon lights shine brine by night. Where Karl Marx Straße lacks in charm and aesthetics by daylight, this street knows how to be extravagant in the nighttime.

The patch between Rathaus Neukölln and Karl-Marx-Str. U-Bahn station seems especially magnetic to peculiar situations. The shops are flanked by cheap what-have-you-nots and other “Klimbim”, as the eloquent German would say.. Here’s a list of things you’re bound to find on Karl-Marx-Strasse (if you’re ever looking for them):

  • fake new generation iPods for 5 € and other dubious electronics
  • plastic chopsticks
  • fast food restaurants
  • Back-Factory

We had an initial reason for going down to Karl-Marx-Straße: there was supposed to be a Festival of Lights type of happening called “Late Light Shopping“. We found three or four buildings that were enlightened, but were more passionate about discovering the street in its “natural” state. In the course of the night, we:

  • accidently set off the alarm of a parking lot exit door and ran away
  • were given free mandarins
  • were catcalled by several dudes

Karl-Marx may not be a beauty, but the boulevard is a magnetic center of public interaction in Neukölln. I like it like that.

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