Before any other mentionsworthy cafés with hip interiors and even hipper designs opened around the neighborhood on Friedelstraße, we were already regulars at Katie’s Blue Cat, the petit café that has everything: cakes, coffee, sandwiches, breakfast and sweet staff. A visit to Katies always feels like coming home (or something like it).

Katies used to be closed down on Mondays, which we would sometimes forget. And there we’d stand, hopeless, desperate for some baked goods and a solid Flat White, scratching on the windows of the shop, looking through, wishing someone would fast forward to Tuesday. There was no substitute, not on Friedelstraße and not anywhere else. The owners ultimately decided to do something against our sadness; Katies’ is now open every day of the week.

It’s not just the coffee, though. Cookies, tartes, pies, crumpets, shortbread, the best NY Cheesecake you can get in Berlin. Everything exceeds expectations. Katies is wonderful in winter, when you can crawl into the cozy little café and shelter yourself from the cold. And Katies is even better in summer, when gazillions of people gather around the shop, sit down on the tables, on the sidewalks, scatter across Friedelstraße and the Kanal. It can get so crowded, you’d think there’s a Wohnungsbesichtigung going on. Berlin style.

Anyway, so Katies is not be off the beaten track  (and has never been, thanks to the convincing quality of their products), but still worth a stop by. Although I’ve grown apart from their coffee (I find it too thick and too bitter), I’ll still die for their vegan raspberry pie.

Cake from Katie’s Blue Cat

Cake from Katie’s Blue Cat


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