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Kimchi Princess Lunch

published on 2014-11-17 by Sara
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One of the leading names in the local Korean food scene has always been Kimchi Princess in Kreuzberg. I adore the food, but the restaurant itself is a draaaag. It’s always overcrowded and so loud and the benches are uncomfortable and I always step out smelling like a crispy burnt pork belly. I mean, it’s not as bad as Arirang 2 (LORD!), but still. And so I never go to Kimchi Princess.

Of course, things took an unexpected turn when I heard they had a new lunch option. Most people I know work in Mitte and have all sorts of different lunch places to chose from, but I work from home in Kreuzberg, and lunch can be a tricky thing. I was delighted to hear that Kimchi Princess (definitely not so crowded and smelly during the day!) has Bibimbap on the lunch menu, and I was not disappointed.

The set gets you a hot bowl of miso soup, a drink and of course the impeccable Bibimbap. It’s rich in flavors and delicious (and also available as veggie option), and Kimchi Princess is a place where you will not be disappointed if you’re expecting a good meal. There are also other lunch options which I didn’t try on my first go, I think something with salmon and of course a standard á la carte menu, but I’m completely satisfied with the given options.

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