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Kiss the city – Graffiti messages

published on 2013-03-12 by Sara
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During the last weeks I spent long nights viewing and ordering my messed up photo archive to pick out proper shots for my new website. In that process I found quite a lot of old and interesting photos I almost forgot about. Like this series about graffiti messages I started to shoot in early 2007. Back then, my attention got from the highly visible graffiti pieces and bombings to the small messages, quotes and pieces of wisdom which you can almost always find scattered across the city. They are footnotes next to the bombings, written on a train or painted down on a rooftop. They may be stupid sometimes, obviously pointless or simply ironic, but often they give you something to think about and let you laugh out loud. I love those little kisses people keep writing on the surfaces of our city!

die panflöte des lebens, berlin 2009stefankaz_messages-3 stefankaz_messages-7 stefankaz_messages-2 stefankaz_messages-5 stefankaz_messages-6 stefankaz_messages-26 stefankaz_messages-8 stefankaz_messages-1 stefankaz_messages-25 stefankaz_messages-11 stefankaz_messages-27 stefankaz_messages-12 stefankaz_messages-10 stefankaz_messages-24 stefankaz_messages-14 stefankaz_messages-4 stefankaz_messages-29 stefankaz_messages-18stefankaz_messages-15
stefankaz_messages-16 stefankaz_messages-23 stefankaz_messages-17 stefankaz_messages-19 stefankaz_messages-20 stefankaz_messages-21 stefankaz_messages-22 stefankaz_messages-28stefankaz_messages-13

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