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Taking a walk through Kreuzberg in snow

published on 2016-01-06 by Sara
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I took one for the team and went outside for longer than necessary, all equipped with a real camera instead of my iPhone. This season, I am actually prepared from head to toe for winter! I bought classy Timberlands, I have wicker shirts and socks, I even have a winter-ski mask that I am not ashamed to wear, guys, I AM EMBRACING WINTER, AND NONE OF MY CLOTHES ARE NEON-COLORED!

I still wouldn’t want to spend more than the obligatory 20 minutes waiting for the M29 outside. After nine winters in Berlin, I finally could if I wanted to.

In the meantime, enjoy your calm days at home. Although I hate the cold, I love the unicolor grey-white sky that gives the impression of a timeless, pale day. And I love the Zombie shuffling of people trying to navigate with anchor-heavy boots through the snow. Most importantly though: that look on the kids’ faces when they keep tripping and falling into the snow, or annoy their parents with impromptu snow fight performances.























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