The Tachelese Kunsthaus was one of my first (if not the very first, I can’t remember) experiences of Berlins nightlife and cultural history. Many young people came to the Tacheles to have a cheap and good time partying. In that regard, it holds true to its roots as punk squat. It was dirty and wild, an alternative exhibition space on Oranienburger Straße in a desolate, war ridden building.

The word “Tacheles” (Yiddish word for “plain, honest, straightforward talk, purpose”) is based on censorship problems in the GDR. As a result of limited freedom of speech, musicians, directors and artists were not permitted to openly express themselves, and they were forced to conceal the true message of the work. The use of Yiddish is probably a result of the building’s location in the old Jewish quarter (now the Scheunenviertel). (source)

The Tacheles was finally shut down in 2013 and the landmark protected building currently under construction.