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The Cookies club is was of the oldest in Berlin; almost twenty years since its conception. I’ve never been an avid visitor, I must say. When I moved to Berlin, Cookies was already an institution with tough doors and a Mitte crowd that only had very little in common with my preferred scenes. That said, I was always thoroughly impressed by the location, by the line ups and by the whole concept – and history – of this Berlin legend.

After starting in a hole in the wall illegally in 1994 and moving five (or six?) times around the city, Cookies finally ended up in the back of the Westin Grand Hotel on Friedrichsstraße. Although I’ve been to the club enough times, I still look for the entrance regularly. Was it here? By day, you wouldn’t notice at all (another club door to consider for our Day & Night series before it vanishes).

Cookies invited us for a last dinner before the club is heading off into its last month. Yeah, another Berlin club closing its doors. The location is staying, though, with a new concept in plans. Another restaurant, maybe? The Cookies Cream, already one of the best (vegetarian only) restaurants in the city (and also one of the best website themes for a restaurant) has already made a name for itself.

That said, Cookies isn’t going down like most other clubs. I think the owner, the Cookies is named after him, is pulling a plug on something that has lost the essential spirit of its heyday: uniting a scene. You won’t find that in the Berlin clubs anymore, not in Mitte anyway. Communities are different today, globalized, scattered, attending on Facebook, sending Snapchats, etc. The urban spaces they need are different from the urban spaces they used before, at least that’s my meager theory in general.

For now, I am happy that I got to do one last round with my camera in this otherwise very restricting club (before it got too crowded and while M.A.N.D.Y were playing a gorgeous set). It’s obvious how much love for detail was put into the venue, and it’s a shame this club will cease to exist. As expected though, it’s going to close with a final boom: the line up reads like a Best of Berlin, both past and present.

37 thoughts on “[Closed] Cookies

  1. I would so love to be there at the last party – please consider me for guestlist spots. pretty please!

  2. I was so naïve when I first came to Berlin and walked past Cookies one evening that I thought it was an elite minimalist biscuit store. Didn’t even know it was closing… would love to go back for a final farewell.

  3. Hi, I would love guestlist please to say a last goodbye. Thanks a lot!

  4. Cookies adé, scheiden tut weh.. Danke für all die schönen Stunden, lachen, tanzen, Konfetti, Begegnungen. Save the last dance

  5. Ok, so the thing is… I looove Berlin and I know that one day i will be living there and it will be time of my life. Its amazing that there is so many amazing people and places and so many new spots that are on my to-do list (and the number of spots is still rising!). One of the spot is Cookies. Its a shame that place like that is closing but… something ends something begins and I believe that it will be someting amazing aswell. It would be honored to be on guestlist in that kind of place. Pick me up, find me and I will find Berlin :)

    PS. Did I mention that Im a big fan of Ben Klock? (But who isnt?!

  6. why i would like to listen Ben Klock and spend a great time there?
    first of all my bday is on 7th July so that would be an amazing surprise for me ;) (true story)
    secondly it would be a pleasure to participate in such an exquisite and memorable moment for Berlin-techno history
    and and and… well i just broke up with a great girl so it would be a perfect moment not to think about her and enjoy my life!

  7. Back to my second home and my birthday is on 8th :).
    showing a friend berlin fort the first time, would be a real treat!

  8. should be reopened soon. liked different cookie’s locations throughout the last years. try to be there on 19th

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