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Leica Magnum Paris

published on 2011-06-23 by Sara
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Leica invited me over to Paris to take part at the announcement of the (old) new collaboration between the camera company and Magnum as well as the presentation of the new Leica M9-P. It was just a short OneNightInParis trip but the feeling in the city is always amazing. I love to clash right in the middle of another culture, seek in all the differences directly and yeah – try to capture them in photographs.

At the event itself I felt a little bit Alien. Me little Kreuzberg kid in the middle of gorgeous hotel Salomon de Rothschild surrounded by an exclusive audience of Leica lovers, collectors and geeks. And of course some worldclass Magnum photographers who influenced the view on the world more than anyone else.

So I stood there in the garden sipping on some strawberry cocktails studying the people and their behaviour and ….wishing myself back to the dirty streets of Paris or anywhere else in the world taking pictures and videos.

Anyway thanks to Leica (JJ) for the invitation and to Kai of Stylespion for the Leica M9 personal introduction. Check out the new Leica M9-P here.

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