Loyal readers of this blog already know who Jan Herdlicka is. His photography, montages and collages have garnered him a lot of attention over the past years. Jan has been releasing work constantly on FINDINGBERLIN. We are always excited to see where he goes next.

In LUNAR, his newest series, Jan depicts the difficult relationship between humans and planet earth. From the artist:

Lunar is a series about the ever growing human ability to form and structure natural surroundings. Humanity is trapped in a process of overmolding the environment on a global scale and seems to be incapable of living in a sustainable coexistence with planet earth.

However, this can be considered a risk and an opportunity at the same time. As our technological and economical influence on earth results in an ongoing decrease of biodiversity which can finally result in our own end the concept of Terraforming as a way to make other planets habitable.

About Jan Herdlicka

LUNAR 2017, by Jan Herdlicka. See the rest of Jans work on FINDINGBERLIN. Follow Jan on his website, instagram & tumblr.