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Aufbauhaus & Prinzessinnengärten

published on 2011-10-04 by Sara
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Okay, have you all taken a step back to wonder what the hell is going on with the weather? The last couple of days must have been the most beautiful of the whole year. We should definitely fix our season calendar for the upcoming months: Spring, Summer, Fall, Summer, Fall, Winter. Spontaneous and dizzy from the sun as we were, we decided to head over to the Makerplatz Berlin Event on Saturday. Berlins creative community held a special little festival at Kreuzbergs Moritzplatz which we attended in awe for all the lovely details. Many different workshops and lots of information were held at the new Aufbauhaus, where the new Modulor is located, in collaboration with the nearby Betahaus, the wonderful Prinzessinnengärten, and the innovative people from Etsy amongst others.

The whole project went down with so much love and passion. Visitors were challenged to think in new dimensions and we were delighted by the spirit of the Kartoffelfest, the opening of the Modulor Store and the many families, children and thinkers interacting with each other. Special thanks to Stefan for some of those pictures!

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