From Moritzplatz to Makerplatz: for a short while, the area at the intersection of Kreuzberg and Mitte was transformed into a new creative outpost. The intitative Makerplatz was founded by the people of co-working space Betahaus, the new Modulor store for design and arts, and the urban gardening project Prinzessinnengärten.

Moritzplatz used to be a very highly frequented shopping quarter of Berlin. After the bombardments of WWII, most of the remaining shopping centers and later, some of the last old houses were torn down to make space for something new. That something new is now the Aufbauhaus, a conglomerate of office buildings, a big warehouse for art supplies called Modulor, event locations, restaurants and clubs. On the opposing side are the Prinzessinnengärten, the urban gardening project for locals.

During the Makerplatz days, we got to explore this “new” Moritzplatz with curiosity. I always find it a little bit sterile when new houses are constructed among the (more aesthetically pleasing) old residencies of the 20ies, but I admit that Aufbauhaus is at least a little bit interesting.

View from Aufbauhaus on Prinzessinnengärten
View from Aufbauhaus on Prinzessinnengärten

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