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Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 1)

published on 2015-05-26 by Sara
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Making decisions has never been my strong suit. Especially when they are related to concluding contracts. As soon as I’m to be pinned down to a monthly paying membership, I freak out. I always wanted to do Pilates, Yoga or a dancing class, but again I couldn’t really decide which way to go. Doing all of the three would be too expensive and what if I wanted to do Karate after all? You know, because that’s the type of flaky person that I am. The other problem is that I am really, really lazy. If something is not conveniently close (and by close I mean 10 minutes walk WITHOUT using public transportation) I’d rather stay home and doing the diametrically opposite of sports, which is basically nothing but eating.

So when I was asked to test Urban Sports Club – a sports flat rate for a variety of sport disciplines in more than 80 studios – I was pretty delighted. This meant that I could do as much sports as I wanted from a wide range of possibilities. Badminton, Basketball or Yoga, there’s pretty much everything to be had and tried. You can individually choose from more than 100 sports activities per week.  You can even restrict your selection to the city district that is closest to you. One membership for the whole city. Their Berlin community of sports companies is pretty crazy, it makes you want to jump start a new career as an athlete.

But where to start?! I was thinking about bouldering, but who am I kidding? I can’t even reach my protein powder on the kitchen cabinet let alone to climb something or anything without a rope. So, maybe next time. I was browsing through the website when I discovered that a wonderful Yoga studio, extremely close to my place, offers a class in the morning.

Waking up one hour earlier than usually before work is kind of like ordering Pizza without cheese – unthinkable. But somehow I was able to convince myself: it is time for me to wake my inner goddess, it is time to change my habits now that I have the opportunity to try all the activities I always wished I have done in my childhood. Instead of picking my nose and, uh, internet.

When the sun was shining in my face as I was doing my Surya Namaskar, I knew it was worth it. I have rarely felt so refreshed before work.

Sign up for Urban Sports Club

The Urban Sports Club is perfect for people like me who want to try out stuff but don’t really want to commit to anything. The Gen Y disease is perfectly translated into the membership. Check out my next “first time try” in part 2 of my Urban Sports Club experience.

The Urban Sports Club team offered us a cool deal for our readers for testing their product. If you sign up via this link, the membership starts at 49€ per month instead of 59€. One thing I really liked about it is that you can try the membership and cancel it by the end of the month if you don’t have a need for it or if you don’t like it. That’s much more convenient than the regular gym membership and is in accordance with our super flaky flexible lifestyles.

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