What happened to having a favorite bar to always come back to? While a lot of TV shows like How I Met Your Mother* still advertise this second living room to meet your friends at whenever you want to, none of my friends seem to have a “Stammkneipe” anymore. Maybe Berlin simply has too many different pubs and bars to offer. But I do see myself as a firm believer in the basic human right of having a home away from home to get some drinks and music, so I’d like to introduce you to Mandy’s – a place that is slowly turning into my own little bar of choice.

*To be honest: I haven’t really been following How I Met our Mother, but when I DID see an episode they always drink beer at the same bar. I could have said Friends, but Central Perk is more like a café if you ask me.

With it’s wood-paneled walls, dim lights, leather sofas and certainly interesting artworks by Daniel Kannenberg hanging above your head, Mandy’s might seem like a slightly weird, suburban party basement in the 90s. But don’t let that wonky interior fool you, because here’s what exciting about Mandy’s: all those different bottles behind the bar keep their promises. If you want to get a little crazy and broaden your horizons beyond beer and vodka soda, this is the place for you. Want to try that drink they always have in Mad Men? You’re in the mood for basil and gin and don’t know what to do with that need? These bartenders got you covered. Don’t be scared to ask them for advice on drinking options, they will find something for you and you definitely won’t be going home sober. First time I went there, they actually knew what I wanted before I did.

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