Markthalle 9

Markthalle 9 before it became famous for its Street Food Market, shot by Marcus Werner.

If I could have one wish I would like to travel back to the Golden Twenties of Berlin. i would love to walk through the wilhelminian streets and feel the originality of this city. the roughness, the noise, the smells.

one place that plays with my association of these times is the old markhalle in my local kreuzberg kiez. if you are standing in there you can nearly feel the heat and the pressure of back in the days.

hidden off the tourist path on Eisenbahnstrasse, Markthalle it is a spot for locals – one that is slowly fading away, displaced by boutique stores, hip bars and trending restaurants.

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Marcus Werner aka DT64 is a Video- and Photographer with an MA in Media Science and Intercultural Bussiness Communications. Together with Clemens Poloczeck he runs the media agency SUPERIEST focusing on Production, Consulting and Conception of Video-Content. Next to FindingBerlin he produces Videos for companys like MercedesBenz, Nokia or DesignHotels as well as different Online-Magazines and Blogs.

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  1. Yeah Sara

    Beautiful. :)

  2. Tolle Bilder aus der Nachbarschaft. :) Ein paar Fakten zur Markthalle IV gibt es hier:

    • thx jens. glad to see that it seems to be in good hands.

  3. I have the same feeling about Berlin. I wish I could time travel back to the 1920s and I keep searching for places where you can still feel how it must have been like back then, living in this city.

    P.S. Lovely blog!

  4. wunderbar.

  5. Ich hab Pipi in den Augen !

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