The Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg has been empty for a couple of years now. You could find a supermarket and a drug store in it; nothing of the market spirit was left to find in the building. Last year, Marcus even shot a video of the almost empty space.

But in 2009 a few people got together and decided they would buy back the building, restore the former market space and create a new weekly market. Beyond that, the market hall is to be completely freed from the discount supermarkets in the upcoming months, and a new location for community issues, projects and events is to be build from the foundation of the market. Check out more details on the official project website.

This movement, the idea and the whole project is overwhelmingly inspiring and I am very happy that the city council has allowed this creative development. I went to check out how far they’ve come last weekend and I can only recommend everyone snack around the beautiful stands and arrangements- you’ll love it.

Markthalle 9 calendar

  • Every Thursday, you can attend the Markthalle 9 Street Food Market with changing vendors and delicious snacks from all over the world.
  • The regular market (with all the permanent Markthalle residents) is open Fridays and Saturdays between 9 and 12 AM.

For more information, news and irregular events at the Markthalle, see the program on their website.

Best food at Markthalle 9

My favorite (permanent) foods at Markthalle 9 are the breads, foccacia and pizzas from Sironi (arguably one of the best bakers in the city). Mani in Pasta is also worth a shout out, their daily changing menu is delicious and great for a spontaneous weekday lunch (on weekends, the queues can get really crazy).

The Kreuzberg native wine shop Suff will provide you with the necessary beverages for your outing. And as always: keep exploring. There’s plenty of damn amazing food at this market.


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