Stereotypes cannot keep us away. With strawberries and other snacks in the bag, we took the S-Bahn out to Marzahn.

Passing the monstrous, but nevertheless distinctly 2000’s Eastgate Mall, we had our first stop in the medieval center of Marzahn. Very well preserved, tatty windmill and all. Definitely not what we expected beforehand.

The highlight of our journey was most definitely our urbex expedition into the old abandoned cinema “Kino Sojus”. It was an institution back in the day. During the GDR era, the Sojus Filmpalast was an institution that was built under the direction of Head of State Erich Honecker and opened on 30 April 1981 at Helene-Weigel-Platz in Marzahn. The Lichtspielhaus was one of the most modern in the workers’ state. There, the East Berliners watched the latest films from the local DEFA production, but also Hollywood hits like “Dirty Dancing”. Celebrations were also held in the cinema auditorium.

After the end of the GDR, several operators had tried in vain to maintain cinema operations at Helene-Weigel-Platz. But the number of visitors dropped drastically. It didn’t help to show the films for only 99 cents at the end. In addition, the owners of the house changed several times. Eventually, the last owner let the building fall into disrepair. And that’s how we found it – at its end.

The cinema was to be demolished at the beginning of 2017 and a supermarket and senior-friendly apartments built on the site by the end of 2018. The planned demolition was delayed due to further ownership entries in the land register; the investor is sticking to its plans. In the meantime, demolition is planned for the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.


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  1. Was soll man sagen!?! Schöner Beitrag auf jeden Fall.
    Irgendwann bräuchte ich aber auch einen Post, der sich ausschließlich mit Nicos Hammerposen beschäftigt.;)

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