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Discovering Marzahn with our local Matze

published on 2012-08-17 by Sara
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If there is one district in Berlin drowning in stereotypes, it must be Marzahn. But good weather prognosis and Matthias’ very convincing arguments (i.e. “I WILL BRING STRAWBERRIES AND WAFFLES AND WE CAN HAVE A NICE PICKNICK”) sold me. We took our bikes and jumped into the S-Bahn.

So we rode around Marzahn, totally in awe of the hypnotizing architecture. It’s ugly, sure – but urban structures have a weird effect sometimes, uniting urban spirit with long-lost architectural ideals. Matthias made sure to tell us his childhood stories and anecdotes with every step we took.

Marzahn is also great for time traveling. I did not expect a completely preserved village from the middle ages to be in the center of the district. There’s even an old and tatty windmill.

Wonderful ice cream was had before our little discovery trip went on to the Erholungspark Marzahn which Matthias already wrote about here. Speaking of Matthias: I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t have had half the fun without him. Not because he’s an entertaining guy (he is, but that’s not the point), but because the story of Marzahn is connected to him.

I think there’s a lot to discover in this part of Berlin if you’re really digging into it. We found an old abandoned cinema and climbed between the ruins. We hung around at the massive Eastgate shopping mall, watching people and declaring the super gigantic building as one of the worst (and best) in Berlin. I’m not sure Marzahn will ever become a hot district, but maybe it doesn’t need to be. It’s Marzahn, or as Matthias calls it, “home”.

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