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Mercosy x Matürlich: Korean Pop-Up

published on 2013-08-12 by Sara
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MATÜRLICH is basically a group of friends from Seoul who have decided to bring Kimchi to Kreuzberg. Being new in Berlin, they decided to meet people by cooking some exquisite and delicious Korean food for them. Elegantly and delightfully light food, that’s what the favorite Korean specialities of Matürlich are. Matürlich, as is suggested, is a modern take on Korean cuisine.

In combination with the new Mercosy location, the very affordable menu makes for a great stop on Dresdner Straße. The guys from Mercosy and Matürlich have been working together before. They did one-day pop up BBQs for two times and then decided that they could keep this little food festival running a little while longer. The plan is to keep the kitchen on fire five days of the week for the next month, so if you haven’t made it to the opening, don’t worry: stop by for lunch or dinner any time.


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