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Michelberger Christmas Forest

published on 2011-12-01 by Sara
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We love the cozy atmosphere of the Michelberger Hotel in the Winter. On Advent Sundays, the Michelberger transforms into a cozy makeshift Christmas Forest experience. They pull out the good Whiskey from the basement and spend a merry time with their customers and other happy afternooners like us.

While the Michelberger is already quite notorious for their “no noisy tourism” policies (we like that, by the way).What they add to that is a certain little romance for Christmasmarkets (very German tradition, those markets). The staff’s creativity, the interior and the bands they choose for their little shows in the lobby all make for a great visit, even if you’re a local. Although it’s become quite crowded, this is how you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon in Christmas spirit (perfectly decorated). We improvised our seating situation and just randomly scattered across the floor. After all, cuddling with your neighbour should be a requirement for the holy month!

Shopping, drinking, hanging around, lounging and listening to folksy indie rockish kind of bands in candle light. Not exactly the best place to actually buy a ton of presents for your beloved ones, but a good place to take your beloved ones out to – even the little ones.

Thanks to Stefan for some of these pictures!


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