Michelberger Hotel on Warschauer Straße is an all-time favorite guesthouse for visitors. Even locals (who don’t usually stay in hotels) like to gather around the chimney in the cozy lobby-library. Many artists (such as Bon Iver) have made the Michelberger Hotel their premier destination. Conveniently located on Warschauer Straße, it’s also often the first choice for people who want to explore the off-beat side of Berlin.

It’s one of those places that excuberates magic. This may be because of its boho chic interior, or the fact that the hotel is situated in an old Gründerzeitbau. The inner courtyard is often used as patio and garden, encircled by the guest rooms from all four sides. There is a friendly, familiar and magical quality to the loving detail of the designs and projects. It’s why we like to return to the hotel every now and then. The only thing I can’t review are the actual rooms, as I’ve never slept there (something I would definitely like to to one day).

Michelberger is also famous for its tight policy of guests: they strictly don’t allow big stag groups or drunk people to stay in their rooms. In times of overtourism (and especially on Warschauer Straße), this is a much celebrated attitude among locals and one that I would like to see established around the whole city.

The hotel is known to organize various special events during the year. They’ve come a long way in the past years: from brewing their own whiskey to selling their own coconut water to inaugurating a one of a kind music festival. I’ve seen live concerts by Arcade Fire and Nils Frahm in their courtyard. They’ve recently upped the stakes again by opening a contemporary restaurant that can compete with the growing food scene of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. All in all, quite the ambitious project!

The Michelberger Christmas forest in the courtyard of the building is one of the many side projects of the hotel. It’s one of my favorite Christmas markets in Berlin (it’s sheltered from the Siberian wind storms, a big contribution to my positive opinion). Stefan Katz took a few pictures while we were there last time.


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