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MJs Foodshop (Closed)

published on 2014-10-14 by Sara
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On our Sunday binge-eating trip (which I already told you about when I introduced you to the amazing Gyozas at YuMe), we decided to snack our way through Neukölln. Our next stop on the list was supposed to be City Chicken (a very human craving sometimes), but when we stood in front of the store we were suddenly frightened. To eat at City Chicken, you have to have a great deal of moxy. It’s just too much to be considered light snacking, and it’s a real commitment to the following six to eight hours of impossible digestion processes.

Anyway, we decided to head to MJs Foodshop instead. The store looks a little alien out there on gritty Sonnenallee. It stands out as somewhat of a concept diner with a deliberate American touch to it. On first glance, we thought this had to be the shittiest place in the world. Philly Cheese Steaks on Sonnenallee? It’s already hard to accept all the new chique cafés around, and now this? I used to pass by with a grim look inside, but I wanted to try the food first before I made my final judgement.

As always, I was wrong. At MJs they know how to compensate for sticking out. Although we didn’t try any of the main dishes, the fries were ridiculously well done, and so was the Mac’n’Cheese. The menu has something in store for everyone, especially those who’re looking for a decent snack or a sandwich that is not a burger or need a quick take-out without resorting to the typical noodles & döner options. Or, more specifically: this is the perfect hangover joint.

Again, the fries were amazing, and you can look inside of the kitchen to see how everything is produced homemade. Although I still don’t really like the outfit of the shop, right there on Sonnenallee, I’m sure I’ll drop by soon enough for another bite. Maybe next time the Cheese Steak sandwich.

(PS: we continued our binge-eating trip to the legendary Taqueria for our main course and finally ended at Goldener Hahn for an unexpected but royal dessert. It was the best day ever.)

Added on Monday, 3rd November 2014: Just like we promised to, we returned to MJ’s on a hungover Saturday to dive into the rest of the menu. Unfortunately, this time around we weren’t too convinced. Maybe we all had a bad day, but the Philly Cheese Steak and a variant of a chicken club sandwich (forgot what it was called) and even the Mac’n’Cheese that was so divine the last time, weren’t as good and tasted a little bland. Since we hadn’t tried the mains before, I needed to point that out,  but if our readers have had any experiences so far, let us know.

MJ’s Foodshop
Sonnenallee 34
12045 Berlin
opening hours: 12:00 – 23:00




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