Mmaah is a little on the off-side. It’s between Hasenheide, Columbiabad and Tempelhof, sure, but at the wrong entrance of Tempelhof and Hasenheide and therefore only really relevant when it’s soaring hot outside and I’m on my way to the Columbiabad.

‘Columbiabad, cold Coke and spicy Korean food at Mmaah – can’t get better! The Korean BBQ joint is just a charming shed, but its colors pop in the summer and the Kimchi is on point. The menu is small and simple (Bulgogi is a must!), but you won’t miss anything.

You can order for take-out or have it right there. Big bonus: the owners are sweet and charming, and every customer is treated (much unlike the typical Berlin experience) with a smile and a thank you.

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