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The oldest and gayest street festival in Berlin, Motzstraßenfest 2016

published on 2016-07-27 by Sara
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Unlike other Pride festivities of Berlin, the “Lesbisch-schwules Stadtfest” in Schöneberg is not just a parade. It’s a whole weekend of queer partying. And unlike other queer celebrations, the Motzstraßenfest – a party, it’s also a very traditional get-together of a neighborhood. One that sometimes stands in the shadows of the much cooler, younger Berlin Kieze (i.e. Kreuzberg and Neukölln).

What I like about Schöneberg is the lack of pretentiousness. Young and old, straight or gay: an inclusive attitude makes Motzstraßenfest a great occasion to practice the typical Berliner “laissez-faire” attitude.

It gets trashy sometimes, but at least not everything is covered in glitter and gold.

Even in a liberal city like Berlin, the celebration of multiculturalism and differences is a necessary political statement.

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