In Berlin, you can find vintage stores everywhere. But for this list, I decided to focus on the Vintage Neukölln World, as these streets are basically ruled by small vintage boutiques, successfully keeping big chain stores at bay. Plus, all of these shops are in walking distance from another. So why don’t you grab a buddy, take a walk and find some rare pieces for your spring wardrobe on a day off!


Well, I guess this one here doesn’t need any introduction anymore: If you are looking for second hand clothing, there’s basically no way you could miss Humana with it’s 13 stores in Berlin alone. Shopping at Humana is always a little bit of a treasure hunt, as they sort their stuff to cater to everyone rather than just a certain group of fashionable Berliners wearing a certain style, so make sure you’ve got some time on your hands to scan through the color-coordinated racks and don’t let yourself be scared off by cheap-ass Jack Daniel’s T-Shirts. I’m pretty sure there’s something less douche-y hiding behind it.

Humana, Karl Marx Strasse 125, 12043 Berlin

Veist Kleidergeschichten

Besides possibly being more affordable, many people love the fact that vintage clothes have their own story to tell. That’s a thought that the girls behind Veist Kleidergeschichten like to share. (The name translates to Veist clothing stories.) Basically everyone can take their clothes to the small store and sell them on commission, maybe telling a little anecdote about the pieces past on it’s price tag. As always, having time to really look through the racks is recommended, as you can find real treasures like a bright red Yves Saint Laurent sweatshirt from the 80s.

Veist Kleidergeschichten also offers a convenient way to rent certain pieces for a little cash, so when you’re looking for something to wear to your cousin’s sailors-on-a-trip-to-Studio54-in-space-themed wedding, these ladies got you covered.

Veist KleidergeschichtenSelchower Straße 32, 12049 Berlin

Vintage Galore

Okay, I’m kind of cheating here a little bit. Even though Vintage Galore does sell a little selection of clothing, it’s definitely not floral dresses and hiker boots what this store in Sanderstraße is all about. Instead, this store cares about making your apartment look good, offering a beautiful selection of mid-century, mostly Scandinavian furniture, lamps and other home object, proving there’s more than Ikea to fill your flat with (if you happen to have the cash needed). Vintage Galore is worth stepping by from time to time, as the owner regularly takes trips up North to supply the store with new things – all in flawless condition, of course.

Vintage GaloreSanderstrasse 12, 12047 Berlin


I know what you’re all thinking by now: “So thanks for these shops Luca, but where am I going to get a legit vintage kimono from 1947?!” Well, don’t worry, I’ve got the right place for you: AURA, also located in Sanderstraße with it’s ginormous collection of well kept kimonos from the 20s through to the 80s. And if feeling like a geisha isn’t really your thing, they also offer a handpicked selection of glitzy-glamorous pieces for the fashionable lady sourced from Italy and a handful of local designers, like swimwear from Honolulu-born, now Neukölln’s own 1979.

AURA, Sanderstrasse 13, 12047 Berlin

Sing Blackbird

While hunting for vintage can be a lot of fun and having some new-old clothes to take home is awesome, I’m the first one to get tired of it. Seriously, I’d rather sit around, drink coffee and eat homemade cake. But wait: there’s a Hanna Montana place like that too, offering the best of both worlds? Of course there is, and it’s called Sing Blackbird. Right up the alley of Berlin’s knack for combining cafes with basically anything, this double fronted store gives you both vintage clothing from the 70s, 80s and 90s and a lovely cup of freshly brewed coffee. I’d say there’s not better place to end our exciting journey through Neukölln’s World of Vintage. I dare you to correct me if I’m wrong.

Sing BlackbirdSanderstrasse 11, 12047 Berlin