Italian restaurant Nudo opened not long ago on Lausitzer Platz. I’ve been there twice now and both times it has convinced me of being a very decent alternative to other Italian restaurants, especially in Kreuzberg (read: Goldener Hahn). It’s a good, calm place to have dinner with friends and family; not perfect, but with that charming hint of chaos that makes Italian dinners feel familiar and cozy.

I like the concept: just like in a traditional Italian way, you will have your dinner served in a set menu (albeit flexible between vegetarian and meat options). There are four courses to dive into, and all of them are typically Italian.

The classics – such as a creamy, delicious Burrata – are delicious, of course, and so are the Secondi, typically a meat or fish dish. I wasn’t all too happy with the pasta last time I was there, but it wasn’t for effort. The dishes are always traditional with a modern touch, so no need to worry about the boring Vitello Tonnato. The weekly changing menu makes it a great place to visit over and over again on different occasions, and if your parents are visiting, then rest assured they’ll like Nudo.

Culinary-wise, there are no surprises. If you like well-executed, Italian food – pasta, gnocchi, fish, meat, and all the things we’ve come to enjoy in our last Tuscany vacation – then you’ll love Nudo. But experiments? No, not here.

Also, be ready to share. I hate sharing.


The staff at Nudo are friendly and charming.  The restaurant lacks a bit in atmosphere, there’s something about the light and interior that is a little off. There’s a lot of space between tables and so the comfort food is juxtaposed spatially.

A night at Nudo won’t get you drunk at a raunchy Kreuzberg bar like other places, that’s for sure. However, it’s a good place to reunite with close friends over one or two or six superb bottles, and without having to wreck your head over what to order. The menu comes at 28 per person, which is a fair price for the quality of the food and ingredients.