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Occupy Weekday Vintage Sale

published on 2011-10-23 by Sara
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Weekday, a very popular and affordable Swedish fashion brand, decided to hold a sale at their Friedrichstraße franchise. Since their selection of brands and products are usually on par with the Zeitgeist of the streets, we were all (3000 people on Facebook and me) pretty curious as to what their announced “Vintage Mid Season Sale” had to offer. Now: how far do you take a store sale? Even before the doors opened the place was filled with eager 16 year olds trying to vent their nihilism into a full blown shopping spree. After all, all the products were supposed to be cheaper than 8 Euros – now who wouldn’t want to grab a piece of THAT?

It was ridiculous: masses and masses of people trying to get into a store, and once inside, spending the next half hour pushed against someone or something unable to move at all. One thing led to another, piles of clothes ended up on the street, people ran outside with what they could grab, no employees or bouncers keeping the crowd in check. The alarms went bezerk while people were still trying to get inside.

Let’s take a break and reconsider the situation: this was supposed to be a sale. Rioting for new clothes? Maybe we should do something about those modern teenage dreams…

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