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One Year of WEBOOGIE

published on 2013-04-27 by Sara
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After a couple of years of living and partying in Berlin, we’ve traveled from one group of friends to the next, shared many a festivities with the whole city on big raves and, in general, watched how everything changed so fast. From a very subjective perspective, the wheels turn pretty quickly in Berlin.

But last year we finally found something that was not just a place, but a community – held together by music and the passion for Berlins nightlife, even beyond Techno. It’s WeBoogie.

If a party can be anything like a restaurant, then WeBoogie is the family-owned, loved and cared for diner that is open 24/7 and always serves you with a wonderful warm meal. In fact, the WeBoogies trademark is the self-made pizza that you can get during the warm-up of the parties.

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