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We need the ocean sometimes, so we travel to Hiddensee

published on 2012-03-30 by Sara
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Sometimes you need to escape. It does not matter where you live and what you do. One should always take the freedom to take a break and leave the daily routine (I know that this is a very student/freelancing thing to say, but eh).

Especially if you got a berlin routine or “Alltag”, how germans call it. Precious Berlin with its ever exciting attractions moves fast and without regard for bad moods. So there are times where you need to pull yourself out of the bubble.

A perfect occasion to head to the coast and enjoy the freshness of the Ostsee. Its a very short journey, depending where you go it takes between 2-4 hours by train and even less by car.

Its so beautiful to walk down the beach and let the wind blow it all away. The ocean as a endless soundscape. The landscape as an powerful example of the pure beauty of nature. Hiddensee is very special in that regard, with an almost eerie touch to it and no extras to consider. It’s not fancy. It’s just there, a little enclave on top of the map, right in the ocean, but close enough to home so you won’t feel lonely.

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