[Travel] Hiddensee

Sometimes you need to escape. It does not matter where you live and what you do. One should always have the freedom to take a break and leave the daily routine (I know that this is a very privileged thought). It doesn’t have to be a trip to the Seychelles. Getting out of the German “Alltag” of work and responsibilities can be necessary to recharge. It’s unfortunate that we have to spend our lives in these binary dispositions – work / leisure – but I can appreciate the balance. Traveling is culturally engrained into the German DNA, so it is no wonder that Berliners escape regularly into the outskirts of the city or even further into the countryside.

The northeastern coast of Germany is an ideal and easy to reach destination. Although very popular in the summer, the coast is only sparsely visited in the off season. The Ostsee, as we call is, may not be of Carribean standards, but long stretches of white sand dunes and calm (although rather coldish) waters will soothe the mind guranteed. Specifically the quaint artists’ retreat Hiddensee is a long time favorite for Berliners.

Its so beautiful to walk down the beach and let the wind blow it all away. The ocean as a endless soundscape. The landscape as an powerful example of the pure beauty of nature. Hiddensee is very special in that regard, with an almost eerie touch to it and no extras to consider. It’s not fancy. It’s just there, a little enclave on top of the map, right in the ocean, but close enough to home so you won’t feel lonely.

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  1. im from there and can just recommend all “Ostsee visitors” to check out wismar and the beaches around it
    for instance, boltenhagen or especially recommendet “beckerwitz” – there u got a whole beach for urself, even in the tourist prime time


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