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Parking Lot Decks

published on 2011-12-14 by Sara
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Kids, we all love us some adventures every now and then. Unfortunately, we rarely find them in Mitte. Not because it’s gone stale and boring (some parts have, but every city needs them), but because space is becoming more and more of a luxury.

The sad truth is that those the canvasses of the city that we like to paint on, are getting fewer and fewer amidst the popular districts in general. That makes sense: the more people want to influence and create, the less space there’ll be for creation. And that’s what makes the city so special, right? That everyone can build something from scratch here and become part of a Berlin culture. Personally, I’m finding myself yearning for emptiness in the city. Places that are not filled with creativity. Buildings that are forgotten and alone and not turned into a new gallery or a new night club.

A good friend took me to a place not far away from his working place. It’s empty because the building is being renovated or torn down or whatever it is they’re doing, which is unfortunate, because Berlin has proven to substitute ugly buildings with even uglier buildings.

My friend and I used the opportunity of the last open day to discover the parking lot in its empty state and stare down on the city we chose to live in. It was a great day with the last rays of autumn sunshine – and what an incredible feeling it is being at the heart of a living city, but nobody even noticing the building you’re sitting on the top of…

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