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People of Flowmarkt Nowkoelln

published on 2013-07-31 by Sara
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People of Flowmarkt Nowkoelln

Summer time is flea market time. Specifically, in Kreuzberg and Neukölln, it’s Flowmarkt time. We’ve been fans of those booths and takeaways for quite a time now and it’s safe to say, that not only for us, but for many others the Flowmarkt on Maybachufer has developed to a safe bet for a summer sunday routine. If it’s to find that long-sought record or to get some of the delicious ice cream, to meet friends or just to have a stroll, this small flea market is a favourite of many Berliners.

But, to be honest: The people who flock there for a great bargain are an essential part of the game and account much for the flea market’s vibe and spirit. Who does not love some crowd spotting, right? There’s the omnipresent hipster crowd, the eco-conscious fair-trade fashion trader, the Libanese mother and the Flaschensammler. The newly enamoured couples and those who just celebrated their golden wedding, the lone bargain hunter and the tourist who came here from Friedelstraße. I’m sure I forgot someone.

This is why we decided to pitch our very own photo booth there and have the camera prepared for whomever might stop by. Last Sunday, we set out to capture the Flowmarkt’s vibe and its people, to get a picture of them and their treasures. And who’d have thought that: There was quite a buzz about the place and many interesting people passing our photo booth. Here are some of the people we met – thanks for stopping by.

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