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We have a serious lack of quality Persian, Arabic and Afghan restaurants in Berlin. Anytime you ask for recommendations, you either get sent to Safran on Oranienstraße or to a fast food joint. The situation is dire, because specifically Persian food should be granted to everyone by human rights.

So when my lovely friends Tandiss and Fousieh – both with Persian roots – promised to take me out to a good restaurant, I took the chance! Indeed, Persepolis in Schöneberg didn’t disappoint. The meat was tender and the stew rich in many exotic tastes. The safran rice is incredible. The restaurant serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, including cocktails. All dishes are Halal and are freshly prepared every day. There are a couple of veggie options on the menu, but if you decide to check out Persepolis, you should try either the grilled meat or the stews. And the yogurt, definitely. Bring some patience and expect to overdose on the best rice you’ve ever had. My favorite Iranian dish is called Fesenjun, a tender chicken stewed in pomegranate and ground walnut. I thought the sauce was a little thin at Persepolis (it’s supposed to be really thick!) but the taste was on point, so I can really recommend the meal if you eat meat.

Persepolis restaurant is very suitable for family and company visits. I really like sitting down in an informal place among friends, where everyone is sharing from one plate. It reminds me of my trips to the Middle East and how every restaurant visit becomes an event, a highlight of one’s week.


Fesenjun at Persepolis
Fesenjun at Persepolis

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