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Summer at Pfaueninsel

published on 2016-07-14 by Sara
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Matthias once already described the history and relaxing pace at Pfaueninsel in autumn. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a melancholic writer, really, November is your time to go. But the Pfaueninsel is also a beautiful place to visit in the summertime.

When we went, it was hot, and we took a rather stuffy bus ride from Ernst-Reuter-Platz to the Havel. Basically, you go into the direction of Wannsee, but take it a bit further. It’s a very nice busride through the Grunewald. Also, if you’re lucky, you can get the historical bus. The bus rider in those old-school retro buses tells you little anecdotes about the places you pass. And that’s a public bus!

By the way – I’ve never been to Wannsee, and it would be a good idea to combine the trip to the Pfaueninsel with a quick jump into the lake. We didn’t do that because we slept in and we love our lives to be lazy, so there was no need to cram our short afternoon with more points on the to-do list of leisure.


There are actually beautiful, free-roaming peacocks on the island. If you’ve ever wanted to take a beautiful walk, maybe with a picnic to coronate the occasion, the Pfaueninsel is indeed a beautiful opportunity. Plus: even when it’s crowded, it’s not really. Therefore it makes for a great escape if you want to get out of the city without going too far.

The history of the Pfaueninsel is quite interesting, too. So basically this King of Prussia decided he needed a whole goddamn island to bang his side chick. Ballin! He built her a castle, the Lustschlösschen, which literally translates to LUST-CASTLE. I guess he just really, really wanted to get into her pants – the tend peacocks symbolize that.

Long story short: the Pfaueninsel is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon smirking about someone’s past love-life and to take long, relaxing walks with little bits of entertainment (cool birds everywhere!) strewn in between.

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