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Photographers Alleycat

published on 2011-04-15 by Sara
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Maybe you have already spotted them. Small groups of cyclists on colorful bikes with little cards in their wheels dashing through streets, sneaking in between car lanes and ignoring red lights. Most likely you have seen an Alleycat. It is a race around town, bicyclists playing a not completely legal game. All in all it is a new expression of urban life. Every now and then fixed gear and singlespeed bike riders come together and compete in a modern kind of paper chase that simulates the life of a bike messenger.

The goal is to find the fastest route while reaching different checkpoints and fulfilling different tasks. We checked out the last race, the „Photographers Alleycat“ and found places in Berlin that we have never seen before. A journey through Berlin in the eyes of a bike messenger. Truly catching!

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