When I first moved to Berlin, I used the Fernsehturm as my Northern Star. How easily the city can be navigated when the skyline counts only one building! If it’s to your left, you are standing in the East. If it’s to your right, you are standing in the West.

Aaaaand that’s about all I figured out. The Fernsehturm: Berlins lighthouse in the dark and stormy sea of the city. 

The trending Berlin hashtag #thattoweragain plays lovingly into that notion, as everywhere you go, you’re likely to see the the TV Tower peeking out behind buildings and between the clouds.

Marcus and I both have been collecting pictures of Berlins historical cult icon. Somehow, taking a snapshot never gets old. Many times I caught myself wondering why I’d never seen that perspective before. It really changes your view of the city in total.