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Pretty Easy To Explain – KJOSK & Balestra Berlin

published on 2011-10-04 by Sara
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If you’ve ever strolled down Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg this summer, you’ll probably have passed the KJOSK location at the corner of Manteuffelstraße. It’s quite interesting on first sight: an old public BVG bus, has been transformed into a colorful Späti on once fallow ground. Although it is more than just a Kiosk. It’s a hangout, really, in a beautiful environment and a creative touch.

All of the aformentioned aspects somehow combine what I love about Berlin: Spätis, unused ground turned into something pretty and useful, the bus and the seeming wilderness.

The Avant/Garde Diaries have recently published a portrait on Rosmarie Köckenberger who tells us the story behind the KJOSK and leads us to her friends from Balestra Berlin (you have probably seen their lightroom installations around in clubs).

From this point of view she introduces Balestra, a Berlin based agency. Not quit a an event nor a advertising agency, Rosmarie appreciates „the perfect mixture of working with friends, having fun and professional work which is the most important part of a good collaboration”. In a time when more and more people work long hours and have less time for friends and family Balestra tries to make room for exactly those elements by incorporating them in their work ethic.” This way of working makes the agency so avant-garde and leads to successful projects such as The Kubik, an outdoor light and room installation and one of the most famous projects by Balestra.

This all really sums up what I appreciate about Berlins creative community which sometimes resembles a confused spiderweb: one person can lead you to the next project to the next person to the next part of your life, and you end up contributing (in many good ways) to your neighborhood with a lasting positive aftertaste.

By the way: the video was produced by our favorite DSLR boys Clemens, Nico and Björn. Keep it up!

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