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I Eat You Dinner

published on 2012-05-11 by Sara
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Last night, I was offered the chance to participate in the first round of the pop up restaurant. And who would’ve thought: many of my dear friends had decided to come independently as well! What I expected to be a night amongst strangers turned out to be an evening with the family.

But more than that, the location – an impressive loft on Kottbusser Damm / Schönleinstraße – and the charming chaos of the makers were what made the dinner one of the most relaxing and adventurous experiences I’ve ever had at a dinner table.

First of all, you wouldn’t have expected the beautiful mess to be inside this very low profile entrance – but it definitely added to the Neukölln image.

Everything was set up in such a perfect way. The food was prepared in a do-it-yourself fashion, which let the diners interact with the food, the people and the gorgeous space.

That loft, we discovered, was actually in use. Three people share the space – there are three more separate rooms adding to the vast living room where the dinner took part. The bed and the stuff that were once part of the living room made exploring the room even more challenging.

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