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Richardplatz in Autumn

published on 2011-11-06 by Sara
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Rixdorf used to be the name of todays north of Neukölln (probably the only Neukölln you’ve ever been to). Its very center was the Richardplatz. Today, it’s most famous for its wonderful Christmas Market. The area is now the only left representing what Rixdorf used to look like, with its former buildings still intact. The people of the Kiez are generally very careful, and so in winter and autumn both, you sort of get this nostalgic feeling from being there.

When I went for a calm walk two weeks ago, the leaves had freshly fallen from the trees and everything was tinted in those orange colorways. The whole square is quiet and calm in the daytime. I’d only ever been to Richardplatz when there was at least five centimeters of snow on the ground – a very different feel from the autumn view, but just as beautiful. In general, this has been one of the most beautiful fall seasons I’ve ever witnessed in Berlin, and I’m secretly hoping it will never be colder than those mild 10° we’ve been having…

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