Rixdorf Christmas Market

As always, I must be out of my mind to voluntarily go to a Christmas Market in Berlin. But having visitors (from abroad) over for a weekend in December without going to a Christmas market is kind of silly; after all, it is the holiday staple dish of the proper German citizen, mulled wine, Bratwürstchen and DIY arts & crafts included. As you know, I consider Christmas markets (and all their abnormal “design” derivatives) as the Etsy of the real world. I’ve only recently discovered a whole blog that covers the atrocities of this DIY-crimes called Wretched Refuse. It has become my bible. In the same vein, Christmas markets offer perfect gifts for people you don’t like. Generic traditional kitsch is bad enough, but then made out of “upcycled” materials. It’s the devil himself, wrapped in fucking PVC leftovers from a Coke bottle. Read more about passive-aggressive gift-giving.

So this was my first time at the Rixdorf Christmas Market. It takes place only one weekend in December (so basically, you missed it – sorry for being a bad blogger). It’s prettier than many other Christmas markets, but it’s also just as overcrowded and annoying. Basically, all the good things that Rixdorf Christmas market has over other Christmas markets (less commercial food and drink stalls, it’s pretty) are canceled out by the bad things (super crowded, home-made crafted crap). Me and my boys had a fun time anyway.

And I do recommend the Christmas market if you’ve never been to one, or if you really just want to hang around for a while – probably drinking – on a December Sunday afternoon. I do not recommend the visit if you want to actually buy Christmassy stuff (except maybe for mistletoes).

The whole thing has a very churchy and mellow vibe, there’s no loud music or obnoxious stuff going on. Some flute concerts maybe, loads of children too.

But, again, so pretty. Totes worth. Laziest blog entry ever. The next Christmas market in Rixdorf will take place in 2016; meanwhile, visit my actual favorite Christmas market, the noisiest and funnest of them all: THE LAS VEGAS CHRISTMAS MARKET next to Alexa.

Bonus picture from Rixdorf Christmas Market

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  1. Hi Sara,

    thx for this inspiring post – I actually miss all the Christkindl Markets back home. I haven’t seen the ones in Berlin yet but it looks interesting. I am currently in Melbourne and somehow, it totally doen’t feel like Christmas with 30 degrees out here:D

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