In a wonderful twist of events, Pannierstraße has not succumbed to the rising number of thirsty people who want edgy bars lining their streets. Fortunately, instead Pannierstraße has been overthrown by an explosion of special delis, bistros and restaurants, of which most aren’t even open at night. A culinary diversity, especially down Ecke Sonnenallee, and especially in the past couple of months, has kept the “new Kiez” from becoming a new Simon-Weser-Straße (for now anyway).

Passing by yesterday, I noticed at least two new bistros, two (!) new Japanese restaurants and a shop that combines Japanese stuff with French stuff and it made absolutely no sense to me. And then, at the very very end of Pannierstraße (after one has crossed Sonnenallee already), there’s also Roamers, a lifelike interior design Tumblr café.

Roamers is a  charming, rustically furnished place with decent sandwiches and good coffee.

The downside to any visit is the long wait. If you’re a fan of quick coffee, please ignore Roamers: there’s no such thing here. This café is conceptually a place to stay (albeit with space for only 3 people) and wait for seating between hip, young people.

2 thoughts on “ Roamers ”

  1. I have been wanting to check this place out – actually since it was an interesting looking Mexican place a year (?) ago. As you say it’s a great location.

    Funny how you see this as at the end of Pannierstraße. Coming from Rixdorf I always thought of this more as the end of the development on Donaustraße. I guess it depends which kiez you are heading from.

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