The ultimate international and urban celebration of music and dance: Fête de la Musique 2017. (see our review of 2012 here).

You may – as I often do – ask yourselves why the world should be even noisier than it already is. Buskers on the trains, teenagers with their crappy smartphone stereos, crazy people shouting down the street, traffic and screaming babies – isn’t that enough noise pollution? Shouldn’t there be a Fete de la fucking silence once a year? Shouldn’t we all collude on shutting up for a quick moment to consider the sins we’ve committed, the gossip we’ve spread and the trash we’ve talked?

But then, ah, is there anything more glorious, more heartwarming and wonderful than dancing in the sunshine? Especially when the dancers in question are, well, not exactly gifted. And there I sit in the noise experiments of a thousand buskers and amateur rock’n’rollers, delighted, not by the sounds they make but by the audience they’ve summoned.

Puto Productions, Kreuzberg

Ok, enough with the poetry. I like Fête de la Musique when the weather is nice. Yesterday it was really nice indeed, so we roamed about the streets of Neukölln and Kreuzberg before we visited the RBMA backstage (which is the biggest venue in Berlin for FDLM) and later, the aftershow party.

It’s become an annual tradition as RB have built themselves a considerable stronghold with fantastic line-ups, making it feel more like a festival than a spontaneous gathering (well, it really isn’t a spontaneous gathering anyway).

Do I miss the little raves in dead fields around Kreuzberg? The techno open airs with local DJs who play funky house tracks in the rain? Yes. Yes, I do. But I’ve decided to never mourn the past of this city, as that would really hinder me from guiding its future. My musical highlight, by the way, was listening to a Spanish folk rock woman covering System of a Down on Maybachufer.

Anyway, to keep a short story short, I had fun. Check it out.

Pic by Marcus Werner

Lunice, Prince Charles