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Good Delivery Food in Berlin with Deliveroo

published on 2015-08-07 by Sara
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With the current temperatures, food isn’t an easy thing to decide on. Do I even want to eat? (… yes) Do I want to cook (hell no)? Do I want to actually spend time in a restaurant, where my thighs will be glued to the chair in 3 seconds, and other people’s sweat drips slow-mo into my food? And those goddamn wasps. What the fuck man, there’s like 3 days of summer but it’s so unorganized in Berlin. Thankfully, I’ve found a perfect escape plan: a combination of friends in – literally – high places and Deliveroo. And I will stop using italics now to highlight my annoying voice.

Tandiss, Norman and I decided to fine dine on Norman’s own terrace above the roofs of Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg. Thanks to Deliveroo, take-out / delivery is not something to feel ashamed about anymore. The practice of having food delivered to your door used to be self-deprecating and only used in dire situations, like horrible break-ups or a WoW addiction. But so long, sloppy cardboard pizza and dubious Sushi! Let’s finally try the good stuff.

Usually, restaurants that deliver food to your home are tailored to provide food as cost-efficient as possible. That means the quality of the food is, apart from few exceptions, crappy, to say the least. Most good restaurants, on the other hand, don’t bother with delivery because it’s too much of an infrastructural mess. Deliveroo provides restaurants and their loyal customers with the solution. Deliveroo takes orders for your favorite actual Berlin restaurants online (pay with PayPal? Yaaaaas), and then has the meals delivered to you within a very reasonable frame of time. If you’re in Kreuzberg, Neukölln-Nord, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain, Tiergarten or Charlottenburg, you can live like royalty on the crazy amount of available restaurants and dishes.

Especially now that the culinary game has been stepped up  a notch (remember when six years ago Berlin didn’t even have a decent burger apart from Burgermeister hahahahaha lol we were so punk back then), there’s no reason not to splurge on the fantastic choices. Tommi’s Burger Joint! Maroush! Mercosy! MJ’s Food Shop! Dr. To’s! So many more. And I don’t even have to leave my bed. GOD BLESS THE COMPETITIVE DIGITAL START UP MARKET.

Bonus: the food is delivered on bike. And every time I order, the food arrives by the hands of gorgeous women. Really, it’s my personal new definition of #foodporn. But honestly it’s really discomforting when you’re basically sweaty, naked, and have just ordered the full menu for yourself. And you’re totally not judged by this hot, Swedish model chick  who just rode across the city to feed you.  Yes, I am Liz Lemoning my life.

Anyway. Tandiss and I are never in Mitte / Prenzlauer Berg, and the only thing we were able to eat in the heat was light stuff (fried Sushi of all variations, my favorite kind of seafood-salad), so we tried the fancy and delicious looking Hashi Izakaya. We ordered everything because that’s how hungry we are on a suffocating heatwave-day. It arrived half an hour later. We inhaled the deliciously good food. How does it arrive packed and stacked so neatly, without a budge and in full taste? It’s a mysterie. And finally, a buffet in the clouds, one that I deserve,  with a holy Berlin summer sunset to go with it. It was Ibiza all over again. We were sweating like Germans trying to tell a joke. But who cares? Fine Dining – The Almost Naked On a Balcony Edition. 10/10, would sweat again.

Win free food! 3 x 100 € Deliveroo giveaway!

Deliveroo, after generously letting us test and review their service, also wanted to make sure our readers get to try the Naked Food Experience. You don’t actually have to be naked but really, more people should be naked, so I can see more imperfect bodies and feel better about mine. I can’t provide you with a friend who has a great view like that, but we can definitely get your favorite food ready and delivered to you: we are giving away 3 x 100 Euro Deliveroo vouchers. All you have to do is fill out the following form.

I put the pictures at the end of this post because you’re gonna be sooo jelly. Thanks to Tandiss and Norman for hanging out with me again, even though I’m usually half-asleep and slightly smelly. Oh and Tandiss I am wearing your clothes again today because I don’t want to sweat into mine. Love you!

This post was supported by Deliveroo.

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