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published on 2012-06-27 by Sara
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Recently even I have started noticing how things have changed in comparison to when I moved to Berlin. Moving to Kreuzberg put me right into the spot of fluctuating restaurants and people. I moved from place to place within Kreuzberg three times in the past three years, rents are on the rise like they’ve never been before. People have started to move to the next cheap Kiez available – Neukölln. I’ve noticed that most of my friends have moved from either Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg to the north of Neukölln, most still staying within the inner circle of the S-Bahn Ring.

Especially in the Schillerkiez around Boddinstraße, where one of the NK entrances to the Tempelhof is, have the changes been visible. New bars and burger shops and Spätis are now where used to be nothing. I can remember the nothing, because it’s not that long ago. Other people remember too: apparently some of these new “cool” spots have been welcomed with graffiti-bombings. However you twist an turn it, not many people who are rooted in these neighborhoods will profit from the changes. It’s a touchy but visible subject in the streets of Neukölln.

I find that the Schillerkiez could make a great example of how a neighborhood can change gradually. These are some shots of the status quo, this is what it looks like right now, on the edge of being something completely different but not yet radically transformed. Let’s return to where we are next year and see if we can spot the differences.

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