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short notice: JOUUR

published on 2015-06-26 by Sara
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You know what really sucks? When people you’ve admired ever since you arrived in Berlin finally launch their own fashion collection and you actually like it, but then it’s already sold out after one hour.

So here I am, one day later, promoting something that is probably as extinct as a motherfucking dinosaur, but I have to do it. Jessica Weiß probably doesn’t need an introduction, but if you don’t know her: she’s Berlins fashion icon. She’s been running the online-magazine Journelles for a while, the grown up version of a fashion blog. I mostly adore her because she didn’t hate on me when we went to Thailand together and I was dressed really, really bad and didn’t have my flat iron or a matching bikini and then even those mean Thais stopped to point and laugh about me while I didn’t actually care because I was staying at a five star resort, but later had deep regrets when I looked at the photos. I don’t always fashion, but when I do, it’s really scary. Anyway. I don’t read fashion blogs, but Jessie’s cool. And she never looks absolutely perfect (just perfect – stretching that word out indefinitely like I’m doing just really doesn’t make any sense at all), which makes me feel like I am an okay human being.


That sweater tho.



By launching her contemporary clothing line JOUUR, she has hit the nail on the head: finally someone who is courageous enough not to go super eccentric. Because this is EXACTLY the stuff that I can wear. Yassss bitch yaaass. And it’s affordable, a big plus for someone who’d rather spend a monthly wage on binge eating at carefully planned out bang-bangs than dressing up.

So. I talked to Jessie about this atrocity – my favorite pieces were sold out instantly, but you might find some pieces – and she reassured me that there will be a re-stock soon. Let’s cross fingers that I’ll get there before all of the other fashion-huntergatheres of Berlin do.


short notice is a new tag in which we will regularly introduce things, events, people or products in a brief manner because they really mean something to us. they are depictions of our personal tastes and will not necessarily have anything to do with berlin, but instead with our lives and with the things we want to support.

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