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published on 2014-10-07 by Sara
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There’s an abundance of low-key dance music labels hailing from Berlin, but not one has made an impression such as LACKREC during the last year. It was their second release, the LUNGO ISLANDO EP (Pablo Mateo & S. Hoffman), that had me intrigued. If you’re fan of intelligent, contemporary, analogue house with a magic touch (or a fan of trippy websites), you should listen intently. I’ll spare you the complex details, but don’t be mistaken: this is no bedroom production with a catchy hook; this is top-notch, seriously hypnotic primetime music. Not low-key for much longer I dare wager.

Pablo Mateo, frontman artist for LACK, just released a free download track that goes beyond the spheres of the regular 4/4 (and although his signature aesthetics are on there, the outcome is the diametrically opposite of ISLANDO; a testimony to a fruitful production diversity). Definitely listen to Apache Philosophy (video below), and be sure to keep an eye on what LACKREC is doing next. To stay updated, check their blog & soundcloud & facebook.

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