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short notice: Yik Yak

published on 2014-11-11 by Sara
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Mobile phone apps are a curse and a blessing. But sometimes they can be quite interesting, at least for a while. Location-based apps like Yik Yak (one that isn’t particularly popular in Berlin yet, but I hope this will change) have the potential to contribute to what happens around the city in far more spontaneous and flexible ways than before. Me and my friends have been on it for a couple of days to see what Berlin has in mind, but it’s only growing slowly.

Essentially, Yik Yak is a location based apps that lets you read whatever statuses people post around Berlin (or wherever you are – in the States, the app only lets you see what’s up in an 1,5 area).  The statuses can be updated anonymously, a fact that has led to trouble in other places. It’s as if Twitter and Tinder hooked up, and soon there will be hopefully more than just basic ruminations or stolen Tumblr jokes on Berlin’s Yik Yak. I could see how it’s useful for letting people know about, say, demonstration infos, traffic jams, spontaneous partys in the summer, etc. What else?

There might be other location-based apps like this that I haven’t come around yet, if you’ve got a recommendation, shoot.

short notice is a new tag in which we will regularly introduce things, events, people or products in a brief manner because they really mean something to us. they are depictions of our personal tastes and will not necessarily have anything to do with berlin, but instead with our lives and with the things we want to support.

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