i think my house in kreuzberg gets cleaned once in two weeks. cleaning in berlin means overpainting tags on the doors and on the house. i like that. not because of clean houses but because i´m curious about who is taking part on this public exhibition the next two weeks. it is like a continued loop about who passed by my house or which artists are in the city right now. I love the surprise when i step out of my house and still feel the energy of the last night in form of some new graffiti on the wall.

it is something that for me strongly belongs to berlin and that is representing the often lost freedom to express yourself in form of creativity and lifestyle. it fills the city with a certain drive and for me walking to the next bakery to buy breakfast is like reading the morning newspaper.

taking this inspiration of the streets to a gallery is what the guys of skalitzers contemporary are doing. after their first big bang – the cope2 tag exhibition- they are constantly searching for the connection between street tags and the contemporary art world. they do so while exhibiting artists that are working in the urban environment as well as translating their work onto canvas. this approach works out pretty well as you can see in the latest exhibition with streetartist danny gretscher.

7 thoughts on “ [Closed] Skalitzers Contemporary Gallery ”

  1. niceeeeeee…

    aber ich muss etwas kritik üben: ich finde die musik zu laut, während der typ quasselt. das lenkt zu sehr ab. vor allem, wenn englisch nicht deine muttersprache ist.

  2. WOW
    Ich find Berlin seit ich da war ja sowieso geil, aber durch deinen Blog erfährt man noch mehr über diese Stadt die voller Kunst steckt. Ich werde bestimmt noch öffter hinfliegen, vieleich bald mal wieder (:

    Du hast echt glück das du dort lebst, ich will auch (;

    liebe grüße & viel Spaß bei deiner Weltreise ♥

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