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“Plötzlich am Meer” Festival

published on 2014-09-30 by Sara
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Two things convinced me to go to another festival in my lifetime: the Baltic Sea and the people who were committed to going with me. Although I had been disappointed before from my Fusion visit and a couple of other festivals, the Plötzlich am Meer Festival at the Polish coast kept its promises. A mix of good music and good people made it a really special occasion. The line-up only mattered marginally; it was more about the vibe.
The location – an abandoned industrial complex, only a five minute walk away from the beach – really did most of the work for the scattered stages. All of the people we met were lovely. And although I have a really negative stance on festivals, I did spend the first night dancing through the rain as if there was no tomorrow. I’ll never forget that sunrise, or falling asleep with my best friends on the beach.

I still hate camping grounds and the lack of sanitary options at Festivals. But if I had to go back to one of the many I’ve visited, it would be this one. Next time maybe without the rain.

I think almost all of these pictures were taken in the early morning hours. It’s when I loved the festival grounds the most. They were eerie and empty, except for those other like-minded crazy and hilarious and awesome people who kept on dancing. It was wet and sticky, but at least I had my eyesight back. It was the first time I finally realized how the whole camp looked in daylight. There’s a lot of magic and spirit at these sort of occasions, and I think I’ll never quite grasp what it takes to be completely submerged into this kind of feeling. The pictures can hardly transport what draws people back to the (uncomfortable) ways of the rave. They’re not supposed to, either. I guess just wanted to say that it was a great time, and I came back to Berlin knowing more about what drives people out of the city (and back) than I had before.

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