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It’s snowing in Berlin, so Neukölln is full of dick drawings


published on 2017-01-09 by Sara
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This is my favorite part of the year: I get to wear extra-layers of clothes without anybody judging me for being a pansy. Uniform grey skies, uniform grey grounds, muffled footsteps and the lack of traffic are the perfect set up for an extensive Spaziergang through the fresh snow.

Last year, I took a walk through Kreuzberg. This year, I headed through Neukölln in order to enjoy this extraordinary feeling that only snow can provide for the city. And what do you know? There are dick drawings everywhere. Hurray!

Welcome to Neukölln
Here, have a dick!

When can we dance on the Kanal?


More wise words…


Real artworks among the dicks
… more dicks ….

I can’t even
Finally, the white out pilgrimage on Tempelhof
This is not Hawaii
More dicks.


I didn’t know they were also in Neukölln.


Grumpy snowman being grumpy
There is no adequate word for Pimmel in English. Maybe Shlong.
Pimmel and Poop, great.



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