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Walking Tour Prenzlauer Berg

published on 2012-08-14 by Sara
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Prenzlauer Berg is not exactly known to be hoarding underground secrets. The “scene”, however broad and unspecific that term may be, has long moved towards other districts. Many families and a dominating upper middle class atmosphere shape the characteristics of Prenzlauer Berg nowadays.

So when Tobias of Sonderweg Berlin asked us to join one of his tours through Prenzlauer Berg I was a bit sceptic. What could you show around in Prenzlauer Berg? Especially to people who know their spots in Berlin and definitely prefer those? But the open-minded people that we are – ahem – we decided to give it a shot. As always it turns out that seeing a city, or even just a small part of it, from the eyes of someone who’s intensely researched it is enlightening and interesting.

Tobias didn’t go out of his way to show us the greatest spots that we didn’t know about yet. Instead he focused on telling us how the district developed and which influences mattered over time. We talked a lot about the distinct architecture and geographical situation as well as the socio-political issues of the past two hundred years.

In roughly two hours we learned a lot. From the former water tower to the Jewish Synagogue we also saw many interesting buildings and historical spots (which, I admit, we’d never seen before), all without being too overloaded by facts.

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