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Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park

published on 2012-09-18 by Sara
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The Soviet War Memorial was built to commemorate 50.000 soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin during the war in 1945. Although it was opened already four years after the war, it was only finished in the 90s. The memorial is huge, amidst it a very graphic statue. The architecture is somehow very soothing for its elaborate space. Walking through the pathway up to the statue left me feeling like a tiny insect in comparison. What I didn’t know before: the memorial also served as a military cemetery.

Not only is the War Memorial a crucial part Berlins history, it’s also quite a landmark. Next time you wonder what to show your visiting friends and family, skip the tiresome Brandenburger Tor adventure and head over to the Treptower Park. Get some bikes and prepare a picknick on a sunny afternoon, you will not be disappointed.

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