This afternoon I found myself in a spiritual trap of procrastination. Too many things are on my mind, competing for my attention, which led me to do nothing at all. I decided to clear this mess by taking a good old Spaziergang in my neigborhood. Spaziergang or spazieren gehen is not just a German word for taking a walk in the park – it’s engrained into our culture. At any given moment, a Spaziergang can be the solution to any problem you have.

When I was younger, spazieren was something for old people. But I finally understand the concept of it now. To immerse yourself in your environment (and distracting yourself from your unstructured thoughts) can be highly effective. This is how new ideas are formed.

It helps if you like your neighborhood. Mine is in Neukölln, around Hermannstraße and Boddinstraße. I get to discover many great moments of public life.

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