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Bar25, Kiki Blofeld and the Spree

published on 2010-06-29 by Sara
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The Spreeufer often feels like an escape into another world. It’s simple: summer at the water. The reflections of the river in the early morning light, and a beautiful sunset.

Unless Mediaspree can be stopped, the Spreeufer is not going to last for very long anymore. Bar25 and the other residents of the Ufer have probably entered their last season.

Mediaspree might just be the first step sucking out Berlins soul. Then again, people have been claiming for years that Berlins soul is sucked out. But Berlin has never been set in stone. Especially its clubs. How about the WMF, having by now opened and closed its doors 8 times – always in different locations?

But yeah – what if we run out of empty warehouses?

Berlins institutions are legendary for a reason: they’re elusive, and only a handful of people get to be part of the myth. Soon, people will remember the Spreeufer and say it was the best thing Berlin has ever offered- much like today’s 40 year olds constantly complain about the scene in Kreuzberg and how Berghain was so much better when it was still Ostgut.

Kiki Blofeld

Johannisburg24 was the public viewing spot for the World Cup 2010 by adidas and Bar25

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