The Spreewald in Brandenburg is an enchanting place that seems to have sprung from a fairy tale. An endless network of rivers, cozy houses and a unique nature await here. Only 90 minutes away from Berlin, Spreewald is also a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, recognised by UNESCO as natural heritage site, is located in the wonderfully green  state of Brandenburg, only about 100 kilometres from Berlin. If you want to recover from the hectic city life, the Spreewald is exactly the right destination for you. In the Spreewald, the river Spree branches out, runs through endless canals, past small houses where ivy and flowers entwine in summer. In spring and autumn the colours seem to explode, the picturesque landscape turns into a feast for the eyes. And you ride with your boat through the middle of this fairytale landscape. A trip with the Deutsche Bahn from Berlin Central Station to Lübben costs around 25 Euro (return). The network of Spree branches and flows in the Spreewald stretches over hundreds of kilometres and offers not only die-hard captains the perfect environment to relax during a boat trip.

We opted to stay in the well known town of Burg.

Spa & Wellness Hotel Spreewald

As summer is as unpredictable as a grapefruit’s squirt, we chose to stay in a hotel with a spa. At Landhotel Burg hotel, massage, sauna and pool expected us. And indeed, the weather sucked.

I have to say that I didn’t like the Landhotel Burg so much. The room was nice enough, but the (mostly German) guests were a bit stiff. The only collective emotional expression that we documented during our stay was when the grande buffet ran out of dessert. “Och nee – das ist ja doof”, moaned the middle aged German mother of three.

The food was rather mediocre, but we hadn’t expected a culinary revelation. It was a bit freeing not to worry about these things – I could simply go to bed early and recover from the pains of being alive in a big city.

Spreewald Kahnfahrt

The highlight of our Spreewald trip was definitely the “Kahn” ride through the “Fließe” (a boat trip through the little channels) of the Spreewald inland delta. The channels are the tourist attraction of the region. We were lucky with the weather this time: as soon as we hopped onto the boat, the sun broke through the trees. I was hypnotized by the slow ride. It’s a very quaint experience – not exactly a thrilling adventure, but absolutely worth the excursion.

I have to admit that we didn’t step out of our comfort zone much during our stay in Spreewald. There are so many more things to do and discover than be lazy in Burg, but we’ll come back here some day.

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  1. But the idyll, at least in its ancient and classical sense, has to be boring! The idyll imagines a wonderful glorification of an otherworldly place, where a simple, bucolic, unburdening life is still possible — a true Arcadia. But it is not an unreachable utopia, not just a mere dream. The idyll is the counterpart to the profane reality of the here and now, where amenities, needs and duties require a life in the sweat of his brow, in constant struggle and business. The idyll is within reach, but — and this is it’s easily overlooked, yet bitter sarcasm — this just takes some more effort. So, to be freed from all these exertions, the idyll must be void of any luxury, of any entertainment or excitement. It has to be boring, at least, that would be the right term, as long as its viewed from the other side.

  2. Honestly, I kind of feel like you all went to the wrong area of the Spreewald. I went to Lübbenau last summer, and while it may not have been thrilling, I found it and the nearby village of Lehde to be super cute and worth a weekend. Based on pictures, Lübbenau seems a lot prettier than Burg…

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